“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael over the last six years. Plainly he is one of the best people I have ever worked with and grew close with him, professionally and personally, very quickly. His teamwork, leadership, honesty, and integrity are traits that stand out. He is always willing to assist with solving problems, sharing knowledge, and doing whatever it takes to help those around him to be successful. He is very strategic and also very committed to the success of those he works with. Simply put, Mike is one of the good guys and someone you will want as a part of your team supporting your goals. Through his actions and his leadership, Michael has set the standard for what a partnership is for Centre Technologies.”
Chris Pace, CEO, Centre Technologies, Houston, TX
“We are really excited to be working with Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting. I worked with Michael when he was at Compellent Technologies, and he developed the best Sales Operations program in the business. The Compellent Partner Program set the standard in the industry for which all others are measured against. Michael has since consulted with our team at Winslow Technology Group LLC and brought his years of experience to our team. He has helped us organize our inside team, develop best practices, and individually coach our key team members. We would have been in trouble without Michael’s expertise. He has helped us develop an efficient, scalable, inside team that is a strategic advantage for us. We were recently named one of Massachusetts’ Top 50 Fastest Growing privately held companies (Boston Business Journal). We could not have accomplished that goal without Michael’s help.”
Scott Winslow, President & Founder, Winslow Technology Group, Waltham, MA
“Michael Beach is a visionary, a leader, and a man of integrity. I would follow him to the beaches of Normandy, the tsetse-infested swamps of the Sudd, the mountains of the moon. I thank him for his contributions to my success, and appreciate his dedication to customer service, loyalty and honor. In a world of expediency, he built a brick house that will stand the test of time and global warming.”
Gordon McKemie, CEO/Founder Ohio Valley Storage Consultants, Louisville, KY
“I have had the opportunity to work with Michael for eight years. He has been a partner, mentor, and great coach. His attention to detail and ability to read people is exceptional. Michael has been an asset to Blue Medora as he has assisted with developing our front line managers; we see results from his work every day. I would recommend Michael to anyone. Your business will be better with Michael as a partner.”
Chris Noordyke, Chief Revenue Officer, Blue Medora
“After only a few coaching sessions, I experienced an increase in my effectiveness and productivity both in my business and professional life. In just the first three months I noticed that the coaching sessions had made me think, rather than just reacting and doing. I’m consistently focused now on what is most important and work with greater clarity and have been holding myself more accountable. I strongly recommend Michael Beach to anyone considering a business coach.”
Mike Belongie, Senior VP Sales, Axonom, Inc.