I just got off the phone with Jeff Johnson (our COO) and he and I were discussing the significant level of change that we have seen in Kaleena’s performance since she began working with you!  While I realize that Kaleena is very smart and eager to learn, I also recognize that she getting extremely good coaching for us to already see this level of change in her work product.
At this rate, I may hire you to coach the whole company!! It is no surprise that you are a good coach, but I must tell you I am very excited to see her grow and develop in such a short period and I know the critical role you have had in helping her.
Sonia St. Charles, CEO, Davenport Group, St. Paul, MN, a CRN Fast Growth 150 Company, Inc. Magazine Fast 500 Growth Company
“My weekly coaching sessions with Mike have produced real results in the 4 months that I have had the honor to work with him. The weekly sessions create an air of accountability and allow me to be more focused on the important tasks. Mike’s guidance and knowledge create a positive environment for self-growth. I feel that I have grown as an individual and as a manager through my coaching with Mike. Mike has helped me set clear expectations and communicate more effectively with my colleagues. I have discovered the importance of getting things done through others. My actions have also had a positive impact on the business. I have become more proactive versus reactive, often times heading off problems before they arise. Mike has assisted me in becoming more strategic and preparing the business for growth. I am looking forward to continuing growth and improvement with Mike’s coaching and guidance.”
Samantha Grenier, Senior Financial Analyst, Administration & Sales Operations, Winslow Technology Group, Waltham, MA
“Michael was referred to me by a trusted friend and fellow business owner and entrepreneur. While I initially set up time with Michael to network, I made a same-day decision in that meeting to engage him as my business coach for my newly formed company, Feature Talent Builders. Every business needs a highly effective business coach and I have found Michael to be superior in his field. He encourages his clients, holds them accountable, readily assesses gaps in their business and makes recommendations, provides referrals between his clients to help them gain new revenue, and makes you feel like you are the only priority in his day. Any individual seeking to take their business from a dream to a reality and learn about themselves and the important others in the process will benefit greatly from Michael’s vision, experience, teaching, and coaching methods. I can say without reservation that you will not be disappointed if you engage Michael and he will humbly but confidently take you to places you will not get to on your own.”
Lisa Frame-Jacobson, President and Founder, Feature Talent Builders
“I have thought ABOUT and worked ON my business more in the past 5 months of working together in your coaching program than I have in the first 12 & 1/2 years of my business. Thinking-about and working-on the business was one of the two reasons I engaged with you and your program. The actions for my business you have recommended and/or supported are proving to give bottom line results, and I expect that will continue as we correct the problems of my current business and start the new venture we’ve been studying. The other reason to engage in your coaching program is to simply spend more time interacting with someone of your caliber and way of thinking. As a business owner, I knew I was too much of a tactician and not enough strategist. You are helping me through that difficult transition. Your coaching style and content adjust to the current situations in my business such that I feel motivated but not overwhelmed when things get very busy. Lastly, we set a goal, pretty early on in the program, for what I wanted to accomplish in the future. You and your coaching program are helping me to keep that goal embedded in my everyday thinking and actions. As we correct issues, in my business and my overall approach to business, I look even more forward to the future….!”
Jim Prohaska, Founder and President, ProMachine, Inc., Jordan, MN
“Michael has helped me out with regaining control of my business. I was exhausted from working all the time, and never feeling like I was getting where I needed to be. With some simple techniques, Michael taught me to re-focus, and be more productive. Working with Michael has helped immensely with my stress level as well.”
Josh Smith, Founder and Owner, DR Electric, LLC