Ambitious Results Series: Always Be Clear

In numerous ‘end of the year’ conversations with Emerging Leaders, there have been a number of questions around developing a formula to follow that will ensure strong performance and steady progress to ambitious results. As our coaching process is all about helping our clients to deliver ambitious results, we decided to do a series of brief blogs that constitute a formula for guiding yourself to ambitious results in 2018. We wish you great success in using it, here is the first installment…

Every one of us has to be clear and position ourselves as the type of person we are and the value that we bring to the market. Start with yourself, and get your _hit together first. Be clear about who you are, your values, the kinds of actions that you can be expected to stand behind, and the results that you intend to achieve. Be clear in every conversation with your colleagues and eliminate any chance that you will be confusing or chaotic to work with. Say what you’re going to do, and then get busy doing what you’ve said.

Back up your values and your vision with consistent, trustworthy behavior and actions. Nothing adds uncertainty quite like inconsistency. When you work with people, they will observe your actions and compare them to your statements. If your actions fall short of your professed values statements, then your peers will not know what to listen to and what to believe when you speak. Eliminate any chance for incongruence by steadfastly acting from your values and delivering the results that you’ve committed to. It takes courage to stick to your guns sometimes and go against the crowd in remaining congruent with your principles and beliefs, but over time, it is the only path worth traveling.

You cannot be clear enough in most business situations. Confusion creeps around every corner. Your best bet is to determine that you are going to be clear with everyone around you about your values, your actions and the results that you intend to deliver to your team. When you deliver clarity to your team, you help yourself and everyone around you to deliver ambitious results. Enjoy a fantastic 2018!

Michael is an award-winning executive development advisor and leadership coach. Working with Business Owners, C-Suite Executives and their leadership teams all over the United States, Michael helps his clients to raise the level of their game to the “Championship” level and sets them in motion toward consistently delivering ambitious results. For more information about Michael’s guaranteed Emerging Leader coaching program, send an email to

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