Ambitious Results Series: Deliver Results, Ambitious Results

Many ‘end of the year’ coaching conversations have led to some of my clients asking for some type of formula for delivering ambitious results. My clients are interested in developing strategies to achieve consistently high performance in running their businesses and leading their teams. Given this, we decided to do a series of blogs about how to deliver ambitious results and perform at a high level. This article is the fifth in the series. We hope that you have been enjoying these blogs and will continue to enjoy our leadership writings and videos on our YouTube Channel, Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting. If you’re interested in developing a formula for achieving high performance and ambitious results, read on…

One of my favorite things about life on this planet is that it involves choices. The choices are always up to me, the way I see it. I can choose happiness, or I can choose grumpiness. The outcomes are not always up to me, but my choices for my actions are always up to me. From my reckoning, it all starts with our mindsets and our attitudes. Get your mind right, and good things are likely to follow. Have a terrible and negative attitude and bad things become more likely. So, starting with an exquisitely positive mindset, set out to perform ambitious results. Don’t make empty promises. Make strong promises that you intend to deliver. Then get busy. Take strong actions to support your goals and improve your productivity. When you have performed at a high level consistently enough that people begin to expect high performance from you, it stands to reason that you will be delivering results. Ambitious results.

As I mentioned earlier, we cannot control our outcomes, but we can control our mindset and our effort to take positive actions. Positive actions have a strong likelihood to lead to results and high performance. Don’t leave it to chance. Be prepared. Increase your chances of success by practicing perfectly and planning ahead. Do those things so that you can proactively execute your strategy rather than reacting to someone else’s strategy. Take control of your destiny by working to do the right things consistently and set the perpetual motion machine in motion. The outcomes will often take care of themselves when you focus on perfecting your process and following the path to becoming the best competitor that you can be. Don’t focus on the outcomes, focus on increasing the chances that you will deliver ambitious results by perfecting your actions. In time, the championships will come.

Michael has been fascinated by dynasties and by winners for decades. In studying sports and business dynasties, Michael has learned that high performers always follow great processes and their success is often the result of a lengthy and consistent adherence to great best practices. This is the fifth in a series of blog articles designed to help you to focus on a half dozen concepts sure to increase the chances of your becoming a part of a dynasty. 

Michael is an advisor to mid-sized companies and their C-Suite Executives and leadership teams. His award-winning coaching practice has led to Michael helping his clients from across the United States to develop their next generation of leaders so that the culture of their companies leads to great culture and consistently ambitious results being delivered by high-performance teams. If you’d like to speak with Michael about guaranteeing the future success of your firm in retaining high-performance employees and developing great future leaders, send an email to Michael at


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