Ambitious Results Series: Don’t Be a Wallflower

Nobody ever said that business was going to be easy every day, did they? Of course not. Don’t let the rough and tumble of day to day business take away your courage. Find your voice and get your ideas out on the table, work with your teammates to try to find solutions and avoid excuses or justifications. Let the world know what you stand for, the way you play the game and what you’re going to do in the face of a challenge.

Winning is about attacking, not being focused on avoiding risk all the time. Championships and business victories go to the teams that are led by leaders with a vision for the potential of a champagne celebration after the big game and the victory. Ensure that you assert your ideas in the field of commerce by finding your confidence and your voice. Do not be a wallflower. Faint heart never won the fair woman. If you want to kiss the trophy or the fair maiden, then you’re going to have to enter the Arena and compete at the highest level. Many people never taste the sweet taste of victory because they play it safe and play “not to lose” rather than play to win.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not advocating a game where all you do is throw deep on every down. What I’m saying is this. Play your best. Put yourself in the best position to win by believing in yourself, and in your team. Prepare with precision, and develop your game plan with a view to maximizing your chances if you’re playing at your best. Run the ball when it increases your advantage, and when you see circumstances that suggest you might throw deep, then do it and execute so that you have success. Don’t be afraid to attack, and don’t be afraid to exercise bold tactics and strategy if there is a great chance that they shall be rewarded.

There’s nothing sweeter than a championship unless perhaps it’s a “repeat” championship. If you’d like to learn how it feels to be a part of a championship dynasty, get busy demonstrating your leadership and your courage. Victories do not come cheaply. They require sacrifice and maximum effort. You will have to act with conviction and be bold when the chance for victory is at hand. Speak up and let others know what you think and what you’re going to do, then do it. 

Michael is a business advisor to high technology firms all over the United States and specializes in working with C-Suite Executives and their leadership teams. Michael is passionate about helping companies to achieve high levels of employee engagement and building “Championship” culture that leads to winning records and ambitious results. If you’d like to speak with Michael about helping to develop the next generation of leaders and champions for your organization, send Michael an email at

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