Ambitious Results Series: Focus Your Energy

In numerous ‘end of the year’ conversations with Emerging Leaders, there have been a number of questions around developing a formula to follow that will ensure strong performance and steady progress to ambitious results. As our coaching process is all about helping our clients to deliver ambitious results, we decided to do a series of brief blogs that constitute a formula for guiding yourself to ambitious results in 2018. We wish you great success in using it, here is the second installment…

After you’ve gotten out of the starting blocks by generating clarity all around you, you will quickly learn that business is not a game for amateurs. You will become aware that the day to day grind of performing at a high level will occasionally deplete your energy stores. It is important to achieve a high level of consistency in the effort that you put forth as you perform your duties. You must become buoyant and resilient and ensure that you are mentally tough so that you can take what your customers and competitors dish out and remain engaged so that you can respond with appropriate energy and professionalism. By focusing your energy on the long run, you will ensure that you don’t burn out early and miss those crucial moments near the end of the game when the contest’s outcome is decided by your play.

If you’re going to win and you intend to win on a regular basis, you must raise the level of your “A” game. I like to call the level of performance that you’re looking for “Championship” level performance. It’s the kind of performance level that brings memorable success to athletes and business performers. Athletes and Business Pros like to win gold medals, club championships, annual sales contests and deliver ambitious results. When you raise the level of YOUR game to the “Championship” level, you will begin to consistently taste the sweet taste of championships. Not that second place is a bad thing, but there is nothing quite like being on the top pedestal and tasting victory in front of the whole world.

You have to be able to generate your own energy and keep the level of your focus and your effort at the level where you can win the championship and achieve ambitious results. By retaining a strong focus on your effort and your energy, you will ensure that you bring your “Championship” level of urgency to every act in your business life. We believe in you and know that you can master this leadership technique. We hope that you enjoy a fantastic year in 2018!

Michael is an award-winning executive development advisor and leadership coach. Working with Business Owners, C-Suite Executives and their leadership teams all over the United States, Michael helps his clients to raise the level of their game to the “Championship” level and sets them in motion toward consistently delivering ambitious results. For more information about Michael’s guaranteed Emerging Leader coaching program, send an email to

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