Secret Ingredient for Business & Personal Accomplishments? Sense of Urgency…

Over the span of a lengthy business career, I have had the opportunity to witness businesses that thrived and businesses that struggled. One of the observations I made along the way was that there are few ingredients more important to a leader who is intent on building a high-performance team than hiring individuals with a strongly developed sense of urgency. There are few things as valuable in business as a team built up of players who all possess a highly-developed sense of urgency. 

Succeeding in business continues to be challenging for the majority of companies that are founded each year. A recent conversation led me to give the matter some thought. What are some of the fundamental attributes that a successful business must possess?

Read on for the first of many thoughts on this subject…

Successful businesses must establish a market of loyal customers and get into the habit of growing profitably on a consistent basis. None of this happens if everyone is sitting around waiting for someone else to make it happen. Hire self-starters. Hire people who clearly have a fire in their belly to be associated with a winner. Nothing good ever happens while people sit around talking about what they’re going to do, or waiting for someone else to do it.

The brass ring is grabbed by those who hustle and reach out and grab it. If you want to create a tradition of positive change in your business, you will need to demonstrate a high sense of urgency in everything you do. Furthermore, you will have to surround yourself with people who have a strong bias to quick, positive action, driven by a high sense of urgency. Motivation driven by a strong, consistently high sense of urgency is absolutely critical to your results. Command your troops with a high sense of urgency and they will observe your example and want to do likewise.

Michael is an award-winning business advisor and executive development coach. Michael’s passion is helping high technology businesses to develop the next generation of leaders for their company so that their growth efforts can continue to be disruptive. If you’d like to learn more about having Michael guarantee your success in developing your Emerging Leaders, contact us at Don’t forget to surround yourself with people who will follow your lead and develop a high sense of urgency about achieving ambitious results.

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