Coaching Programs

Business Coaching Defined

A CEO or business owner wears many hats, and provide leadership to many people. A seasoned Certified Business Coach, as a trusted advisor and thought leader, can provide clarity and focus that drives you ahead toward your personal goals and the goals you set for your business. Michael Beach is your trusted business advisor and partner who works with Business owners, CEOs and emerging leaders to solidify strategy, identify priorities, and maximize business and personal potential. Michael’s mission is to help you build and strengthen the skills you’ll need to tackle any issue and to maximize new opportunities as they appear.

Coaching Methodology

Our goal is to outfit you as a leader so that you can proactively and confidently solve business problems yourself. Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting will provide monthly coaching that is customized and targeted to your priorities and personal behavior style. You select the frequency and depth of your coaching sessions based upon your unique situation. By meeting regularly and focusing together on the most important business issues and opportunities we can devise a plan that follows the shortest path to extraordinary business success. Michael will help you find clarity around what’s most important, and identify solutions, and help you deliver timely implementation of the solutions, with accountability check points. And yes, if you need to engage us to consult with you on a particularly challenging issue, we can and will tackle the issue for you. Over time, you’ll see that we’re building and strengthening your skills so that you’ll be able to meet any challenge and maximize the new opportunities that will undoubtedly come your way. We build these skills so that you can tackle these types of challenges long after the coaching program is completed. We take in the big picture and focus you on the 3 or 4 most vital things that you need to invest your energies in right now, to get your organization moving in the right direction toward your personal vision of success.

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Premium One on One Coaching Program

Each week at the same day at the same time, you’ll meet privately with the coach for one hour and fifteen minutes. You’ll discuss your specific business…

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Business Effectiveness Series Group Coaching

This is a program that provides you with a meeting with up to 11 other Business Owners and Leaders, each month on the same week, day and same time…

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Executive Development Group Coaching Program

This is a program that provides your managers and high potential executive candidates with a meeting in conjunction with up to 9 other Executives and…

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New Business Start-up Coaching Program

This program provides you with assistance in development or enhancement of your Business Plan, Mission and Vision for the company. The program starts with an initial on-site review to recommend systems,…

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Fintel – Financial Intelligence Analysis & Benchmarking

Using your normalized Financial reports from the last two years, we confidentially enter your data into a database of near 1 Million US and global companies…

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Extended DISC Behavior Profile Analysis and Training

The coach works with you to complete a self-assessment questionnaire electronically via a link to an automated system. The self-assessment takes

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