Our Process


We start by taking the business owner through a detailed strategic planning process to clarify and articulate their vision and set the general direction for the organization. This includes a complete SWOTT analysis, setting short to long term goals and developing a comprehensive business plan that will act as a blueprint for what the enterprise will look like and when.

One on One Coaching Process

By focusing exclusively on you and your business we effectively deliver dramatic results more quickly than in a Group coaching or Workshop format. You needn’t worry about sharing confidential information with strangers and can be sure that the information you discuss with your Coach is treated with utmost confidentiality and never shared beyond the Coach.

Sessions are scheduled Weekly, Three Times a Month, or Twice a Month,  based upon your desired trajectory for change. We strongly recommend weekly sessions for maximum velocity in driving change, building momentum, and getting your goals achieved more rapidly.

Coaching Session Format

  • Review progress and completion of actions items from previous session
  • Celebrate successes on completed objectives
  • Review progress, make course corrections and adjustments, and new commitments to priority objectives
  • Determine new priorities to be accomplished and completion timelines
  • Discuss and provide insight to new issues that arise since last session
  • We agree on most potent action items to be completed before next coaching session and commit to action and timeline

The outcome of each session is forward business trajectory, that keeps you on course toward your business and personal success vision until that vision has been achieved.

Focus & Planning

Taking the business blueprint developed in the Discovery process we focus on prioritized action items to achieve the business owner’s goals, identifying appropriate timelines for completion.  Action items typically include:

  • pinpointing obstacles and bottlenecks
  • sales training
  • management development
  • designing a comprehensive marketing action plan
  • improving owner productivity
  • staff, design, document, and optimize business processes
  • build systems
  • and much, much more.

Action & Accountability

This is where the rubber meets the road and the journey begins! We advance toward achieving the business owner’s vision and goals for the success of their company. With the business plan, vision and action plans fully developed, we begin working the plan and implementing, measuring and adjusting the defined changes and strategies as needed and never stop until all goals are achieved.

Coaching Videos