Business Coaching Defined

A CEO or business owner wears many hats, and they provide leadership to many people. A seasoned Certified Professional Business Coach, as a trusted advisor and thought leader, can provide clarity and focus that drives you forward toward your business goals and the goals you set personally. Michael Beach is your trusted partner, and he works with Business owners, CEOs and business leaders to solidify strategy, identify priorities, and maximize business and personal potential. Michael’s mission is to help you build and strengthen the skills you’ll need to tackle any issue and to maximize new opportunities as they appear.  

Coaching Methodology
Our goal is to equip you as a leader so that you can proactively and confidently solve business problems yourself. Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting, LLC will provide monthly coaching, customized and targeted to your priorities and personal behavior style. You can choose the frequency and depth of your coaching sessions based upon your preferences. By meeting regularly and focusing together on the most important business issues and opportunities we can chart a course to business success. Michael will help you find clarity around what’s most important, identify solutions, and help you deliver timely implementation of the solutions, with accountability check points. And yes, if you need to engage us to consult with you on a particularly challenging issue, we can and will resolve the issue for you. Over time, you’ll notice that we’ve sculpted and strengthened your skills so that you’re prepared to meet any challenge and maximize the new opportunities that will undoubtedly come your way. We take in the big picture and focus you on the 3 or 4 most vital things that you need to invest your energies in right now, to get your organization moving along the shortest path toward success.

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