Business Effectiveness Series Group Coaching

This is a program that provides you with a meeting with up to 9 other Business Owners and Leaders, twice each month on the first and third Friday mornings at the same time at the same location in the Twin Cities. ┬áMichael Beach will present relevant business educational topics for discussion at a meeting of up to 10 participants, lasting for two hours. This group will meet twice monthly for seven months, and we cover Michael’s educational topic and then switch into a Mastermind meeting for the remainder of the meeting. We have a lot of fun helping one another solve and prevent business problems!

In addition, the program includes one monthly meeting each month with Michael one on one, at a recurring day and time for an hour and a half, for individual coaching. The individual coaching session with Michael is focused on your business strategy and career objectives. Finally, the Business Effectiveness Series Group Coaching program includes an Extended DISC Behavioral Profile Analysis report, a Business Effectiveness Evaluation and 3 great business books! The combination of meeting with the group and with the coach provides an excellent blend of networking and coaching. The group provides you a shared community of like-minded business leaders, who will become a strong part of your network and help you with your business as you help them with theirs. In many cases, the members of this program also become customers of one another for many years also! This program is an excellent value for companies with budget restrictions.

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