Executive Development Group Coaching Program

This is a program that provides your managers and high potential executive candidates with a meeting in conjunction with up to 9 other Executives and Future Executives, each month on the same week, day and same time at the same location in Eden Prairie, MN. Michael Beach will present relevant executive development educational topics for discussion at a meeting of up to 10 participants, lasting for two and a half hours. In addition, the program includes one monthly meeting with Michael one on one, at a recurring day and time for an hour and a half, for individual coaching. The individual coaching sessions are one and a half hours of discussion on the executive’s leadership development and business strategy objectives. The combination of meeting with a group provides your managers and executive candidates a shared community of like-minded new and future executives, who will become a strong part of their network and help them with their career development as your team helps reciprocally.  This is an excellent value at a third of the price of Premium Weekly One on One coaching.

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