Extended DISC Behavior Profile Analysis and Training

Michael works with you to complete a self-assessment questionnaire electronically via a link to an automated system. The self-assessment takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. This assessment helps to produce a comprehensive 22 page report and workbook, and enables a deep analysis with the coach. The report becomes your property, and Michael uses it to identify your areas of behavioral strength and opportunities for development. The coach then recommends tactical changes that improve productivity and reduce stress in areas of conflict. Michael takes the time to review the report in great detail with you and with your management team if applicable. Finally, the coach also helps you and your teams to understand the four main behavioral types and provides lessons to maximize each individual’s ability to work with others, regardless of behavioral type. The DISC analysis reports can be ordered for Business Owners, Executives, Sales Leaders, Management Teams, and also Employees or New Hire Candidates.

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