Fintel – Financial Intelligence Analysis & Benchmarking

Using your normalized Financial reports from the last two years, we confidentially enter your data into a database of near 1 Million US and global companies to compare your organization against a very similarly sized organization, based upon your size in revenues, assets, office square footage, and your NAIC/SIC industry code. The comparative data produced allows you to compare yourself to other anonymous businesses and to do quick assessments of your company’s financials against Key Ratios and identify areas for improvements and strengths that you can extend and leverage for greater financial performance. The comparative analysis generally provides Michael the ability to identify 3-5 or more opportunities to maximize course corrections and bring in and retain additional profits. The system is powerful enough to allow Michael to perform “what-if” scenario calculations to help you to identify the expected impact of potential financial management improvement strategies and tactics. This service includes a comprehensive report and enables a thorough analysis with the business coach. The report becomes your property and leads to a prioritized action plan to retain additional profits.

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