Professional Business Coaches Alliance

PBCA_smallMichael is a Certified member of the PBCA, which is located in Syracuse, NY, and oversees the training and certification of the finest Business Coaches in North America. A PBCA Certified Business Coach is without parallel as a business advisor. The PBCA is a world-class alliance of certified professional business coaches dedicated to driving business owners and leaders along the path to unprecedented business and personal achievement and success. PBCA coaches have answered the calling to serve their business owners and clients with passion and distinction and to advance their profession through outstanding commitment to rigorous continuing business and coaching education.

A PBCA Certified Business Coach meets strict qualifications even before they are allowed to pursue certification. The certification is intensive and involves business training in 10 fundamental strategic areas as well as exhaustive role-playing exercises with Master Coaches to ensure proficiency in coaching business professionals. In addition to the certification process, the PBCA provides rigorous ongoing continuing education, including advanced levels of coaching certification and a Black-Belt coaching program. Coaches attend weekly and monthly education seminars to keepĀ skills sharpened for their clients.

Most importantly, because the PBCA is a professional alliance, each coach contributes to, and gains access to a deep library of PBCA proprietary tools, methodologies, and strategies, all designed to enable the coaches to maximize their value to you in coaching and consulting on your business. The PBCA also offers member coaches a Master Coaching Academy so that coaches can opt to accelerate their progress toward achieving Master Coaching Certification status. Alliance certified member coaches share their vast experience and knowledge with their peer coaches, and that expertise spans a wide spectrum of career backgrounds and professional areas of insight.

The bottom line is that each business coach is well-qualified, and rigorously educated and certified to provide an extraordinary level of guidance to their clients. Coaches can, and often do, leverage fellow seasoned PBCA coaches from across North America to identify the best possible approaches and find the most potent solutions for your specific business challenges. You’re not really hiring just one seasoned PBCA certified Business Coach, in signing up with Michael Beach Coaching & Consulting, LLC you’re accessing the combined talents of over 100 of the best Business Coaches in North America.

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