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Elliott Ashwell, Rack Shack BBQ MN – Interview

Elliott Ashwell, Chain Ops Manager, Rack Shack BBQ Restaurants & Catering We are determined to delight every Guest with fresh barbecue excellence, through quick, friendly service, creating raving fans who return with friends and family! We're family owned and operated and smokin' your BBQ using the freshest local ingredients available. Our low and slow smokin' style brings...
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Keep Your Team Engaged, Invest In Developing Future Leaders NOW!

team-leadThe best companies invest twice as much in developing emerging leaders and high potential associates as low performing companies. The results that they get more than justify the additional investment. Frankly, these best companies recoup their investment many, many times over. If you’re not investing in nurturing...

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UPDATED DATE – Kataku Technology Small Business Expo

Please come join us at the Radisson Blu. in Bloomington, MN for Kataku Technology's Small Business Expo on June 17, 2016 from 8:30 AM. Michael is pleased to be one of six business leaders presenting at Kataku's Expo. His topic will be focused on the importance of character in the business world. If you are interested...

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Do you fear change?

Do you fear change? Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Change is normal. Plan. Act. Change. Move forward in a positive direction...NOW!

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Are YOU The World’s Next Overnight Success?

In my ebusiness woman working hardxperience, success rarely, if ever, happens overnight. Usually, long before the TV cameras and bright lights show up to tell the viewers about the latest brilliant success, that person or that company was toiling in obscurity for many months or...

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