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Casey Profita, CEO & Founder, Gophermods – Video Review

https://youtu.be/hf_mhO84ijw Casey Profita, CEO & Founder, Gophermods "Michael Beach and his employees have used Gophermods in the past on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed.  We trust them and are in awe by their ability to just 'get it done'." Gophermods is a Minnesota company with a passion for technology. Casey and his associates seem to enjoy learning...
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The best leaders avoid surprises.

Business Leadership Concept Series: No Surprises, Ever! https://youtu.be/kdvk8ISynlk

Michael is a Business Coach and an award-winning member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. He works closely with small and medium-sized businesses and their owners and leadership teams to help them deliver ambitious results.

Michael offers an educational program called the 'Michael Beach Coaching &...

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