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Ambitious Results Series: Don’t Be a Wallflower

Nobody ever said that business was going to be easy every day, did they? Of course not. Don’t let the rough and tumble of day to day business take away your courage. Find your voice and get your ideas out on the table, work with your...
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Leadership Series: Nuggets of Gold / Get out onto the front edge of change!

https://youtu.be/X7_8MPhfLX4 Michael is an award winning Certified Professional Business Coach and a Strategic Planning Process Thought Leader. He will be starting a NEW 4-hour Extended DISC workshop in January 2017. Sign up now as seats are limited! If you are interested in this workshop or any of our leadership workshops, contact Michael at Read more

The Importance of Being Able to Engage in Constructive Conflict!

WIllfull Blindness Book with IzzyA Great Book That Will Get You Thinking About Conflict In A New Way... 

I wanted to do a book review of a fabulous book I came upon recently only after watching a great TED Talk by Margaret Heffernan,...

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