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Casey Profita, CEO & Founder, Gophermods – Video Review

https://youtu.be/hf_mhO84ijw Casey Profita, CEO & Founder, Gophermods "Michael Beach and his employees have used Gophermods in the past on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed.  We trust them and are in awe by their ability to just 'get it done'." Gophermods is a Minnesota company with a passion for technology. Casey and his associates seem to enjoy learning...
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Annual Strategic Planning: When Do You Get It Done?

I work with a significant number of clients who are in the high technology industries, running companies that are VARs, Distributors, Software Developers, or Cloud Service Providers. These are industries that are characterized by constant disruptive change (some might even dare to say chaos, these days...). The leadership teams are challenged with trying to keep...
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