“I have thought ABOUT and worked ON my business more in the past 5 months of working together in your coaching program than I have in the first 12 & 1/2 years of my business. Thinking-about and working-on the business was one of the two reasons I engaged with you and your program. The actions for my business you have recommended and/or supported are proving to give bottom line results, and I expect that will continue as we correct the problems of my current business and start the new venture we’ve been studying. The other reason to engage in your coaching program is to simply spend more time interacting with someone of your caliber and way of thinking. As a business owner, I knew I was too much of a tactician and not enough strategist. You are helping me through that difficult transition. Your coaching style and content adjust to the current situations in my business such that I feel motivated but not overwhelmed when things get very busy. Lastly, we set a goal, pretty early on in the program, for what I wanted to accomplish in the future. You and your coaching program are helping me to keep that goal embedded in my everyday thinking and actions. As we correct issues, in my business and my overall approach to business, I look even more forward to the future….!”
Jim Prohaska, Founder and President, ProMachine, Inc., Jordan, MN