“I wanted to write you a quick note to express our gratitude for your help in coaching our small company.
When we first were referred to you I was a little skeptical about the idea of coaching. You quickly put that notion to rest and were able in a very short period of time get our entire management team pointed in the same direction.
We are not the same company today that we were just a few months ago. Each of us has a well defined place and purpose within our company and we have grown to respect those boundaries and expect the duties to be performed by each of us.
We now have a well thought out plan for the future with a detailed strategy to make it a reality. When people ask if it was expensive to have a business coach I tell them yes it was. Then I go on to say that it was one of the few checks that I wrote each month where I felt good about and that I was getting something of real and lasting value.
Once again I want to thank you so much. Don’t forget about us.”
Keith Hittner, Sr., Owner of The Rack Shack BBQ