“My weekly coaching sessions with Mike have produced real results in the 4 months that I have had the honor to work with him. The weekly sessions create an air of accountability and allow me to be more focused on the important tasks. Mike’s guidance and knowledge create a positive environment for self-growth. I feel that I have grown as an individual and as a manager through my coaching with Mike. Mike has helped me set clear expectations and communicate more effectively with my colleagues. I have discovered the importance of getting things done through others. My actions have also had a positive impact on the business. I have become more proactive versus reactive, often times heading off problems before they arise. Mike has assisted me in becoming more strategic and preparing the business for growth. I am looking forward to continuing growth and improvement with Mike’s coaching and guidance.”
Samantha Grenier, Senior Financial Analyst, Administration & Sales Operations, Winslow Technology Group, Waltham, MA