“I had the privilege to work with Michael Beach and his team over at MBCC for the last 15 months. The professional experience that he brings to the table just can’t be taught. To try to quantify the personal and professional progression that I have achieved over the last 15 months would be doing Michael a disservice. The time, effort, and individual attention that he has given me has provided me tremendous focus and taught me how to manage my time in a fashion that has allowed me to take on more responsibilities within my organization. Specifically, I now have a clear and concise plan on how I approach each day which has resulted in increased productivity, revenue, and ability to manage the daily stress that used to hold me back. I now realize the importance of taking care of myself by taking time to “sharpen the saw.” I am coming off the best year I have ever had personally or professionally and I owe a large majority of it to Michael Beach. I would strongly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to hone their skills and take their career to the next level.”
Brandon Cole, Director of Sales, Davenport Group